Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snowy Colour Leggings (MORE COLOURS UPDATED!)

Neon Orange

Neon Normal Purple

Neon Dark Purple

Neon Red

Neon Light Grey

Neon Dark Grey

Neon Light Blue

Neon Normal Blue

Neon Dark Blue

Neon Navy Blue

Neon Dark Yellow

Neon Light Yellow

Neon Dark Pink

Neon Black

Colours might differ from the actual picture
All colours are actually neon colours
Very Stretchable

Sistas Price: 
RM 34

Code: Showy Colour Leggings 2

Neon Orange (Available)
Neon Red (Available)
Neon Light Yellow (Available)
Neon DarkYellow (Available)

Neon Light Pink (Available)
Neon Dark Pink (Available)
Neon Light Blue (Available)
Neon Normal Blue (Available)
Neon Dark Blue (Available)

Neon Navy Blue (Available)

Neon Light Grey (Available)
Neon Dark Grey (Available)
Neon Black (Available)

Neon Normal Purple (SOLD OUT)
Neon Dark Purple (SOLD OUT)

Size: Free Size (Up to UK 16)

Status: Restockable

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Neon Black, Navy Blue, Neon Grey, Neon Light Pink, Neon Dark Pink,
Neon Purple, Neon Orange (X1 each) mohd zaid bin md hassan